Colour purple.

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Purple is the colour now.

Purple is a colour predominantly seen now around Land’s End and moorlands in Cornwall where heather is blooming. Kernow landscape is becoming very purple-colourful indeed. Lush young light green ferns and bracken lends background to the vision. Other odd flora provide splashes of colourful delights, like thistles. Cornish moorland is primarily open and widely spread and accentuates the visibility of this wondrous colourful scenery. Heather in flower can be enjoyed for some months to come so come join us and delight in exploring!

The colour purple is coming out over Cornish moorlands and spreading delightful cheer among us all. Ferns and bracken are growing madly with a little rain and lots of sun. Love Cornwall.

On a summer’s sunny day with a pale blue sky and the odd fluffy white cloud – what’s more to want? Maybe a sandy beach with turquoise blue waters? An ice-cream or two? But surely a traditional clotted cream ice-cream and NOT a Mr Whippy with a 99!

A traditional soft Mr Whippy style ice cream and cone with blue skies, sunshine, beach and clear seas in the distance

In Cornwall all this is available. What’s more – it’s LOCAL! Take a sightseeing day trip or tour and make it Yours.


Our narrow windy roads in Cornwall were never built for the amount of traffic of today. Farmers use them in their tractors to get around too. It is absolutely POINTLESS to be in a rush on Cornish roads! The only person getting aggravated is YOU. Overtaking can be precarious as roads narrow suddenly in places. If asked, I’d say the Cornish d’reckly can be slower than the Spanish MANANA. It is however interpreted by the user to mean whatever they want it to. Sometimes it means ‘in five minutes’. Another time it means ‘in five years’. It is therefore a very flexible phrase to know and be aware of.

The purple central flower of a thistle is very strong in colour and presentation. A little prickly to pick bu wonderful to admire growing free in the wild of Cornwall. Let Alvajoan show You around the magic that is Kernow.


Please do NOT forget to apply sunscreen every day. And apply it liberally. The sun is very strong now. With a cool sea breeze it is easy to get burned without even knowing it at first. Make sure you do your daily suncream d’reckly. If you need more info on sunscreen, click the link!

In many small fishing communities, the cove and launch is the place to be. Emptying crab and lobster pots to sea is a job known to the Cornish since way back. Here it is still done in time honoured traditional ways.

Picturesque quaint typical Cornish fishing cove in the photo. Come tour on sightseeing day trips with Alvajoan and let us show our beautiful coves.

Fresh crab salad or sandwiches are on most local venues menues. If it isn’t – it certainly should be!

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