Christmas tree 2017 in Cornwall.

Our Christmas tree 2017.

After several days away delivering Christmas presents between deepest Cornwall and the Midlands we set up our Christmas tree 2017. Lush green, decorated with baubles tinsel lights colourful deities and crowned with a star on top!

Booma, our 11 year old Kelpie,  wondered what all the nice smells were about coming from parcels under the tree. Luckily he is by now a well behaved dog and left all parcels alone.

My thoughts go back to my own childhood when it was all so exciting. The build up to Christmas was highlight of the season and family visited from far and wide. We all helped decorate the Christmas tree 2017 as we had done every year before. We are now part of the family that come visiting from far and wide.

Lush green pine Christmas tree 2017 dressed with colourful baubles santas tinsel lights and crowned with a star for Christmas 2017 by Alvajoan of Cornwall UK having a break from tours over the festive period.

What makes Christmas for us is seeing all the expectant little faces of the children before opening parcels. Followed by the happy smiles when they realise what they have just received. That just makes Christmas so special.

Special gifts 2017 and ahead.

In September 2017 we had a special delivery – a little grand daughter. A little ray of shine she is and aptly called Aurora. She puts a smile on our faces. Whilst on delivery tour we found out that grand child number 13 is on the way. Expect this one will put smiles on our faces too in July.

Christmas every year is special and our family is still growing.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone, family friends customer clients and everyone yet to meet.

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