Cherish Life.

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Cherish Life.

Cherish Life – every possible kind of life. This can be insects, pets, humans, relatives, loved ones. All Life is valuable! It does not matter whose life it is or the colour of the skin.

Cherish Life: Love in the mist is a blue cornflower looking beautiful plant I often admire this time of the year. With green foliage resembling dill, I find this flower so attractive.

Love in the mist is a super plant with cornflower blue flowers and dill looking greenery. Superb! Both to look at and in name!

History! You can tear things down BUT it does NOT change events of the past. We have to learn to live with the shame of what our ancestors got up to.

Wild roses in local Cornish hedgerows are flowering madly and looking great! Enjoy!

Wild roses with very pale pink petals are flowering madly in local Cornish hedgerows. Enjoy! Their gently scent as I walk my dog down the lanes is such a boost.

Cherish Life: Sweet Williams come in a wide range of colours but these are sharply multi-pink and delightful!

Sweet Williams exist in many colours but these are a great example of shocking multi-pinks. So cheerful and upbeat on any grey day.

Most often in my blogs I have chosen to steer clear of current events but recently things have gone COMPLETELY MAD! I have no illusions that my blog will have any effect at all but I feel things are spiralling out of control. Someone somewhere has to talk some sense into ‘the crowds and masses’ before it gets truly out of hand. I feel I really have to protest against the wonten destruction shown of late and the trends that come from there.

These are superb wild flowers that originate NOT from seedpacks! Opening up like an orchid looking flower and spreading the wonderful purples and honey-white colours of their petals - mmm yummy enought to eat!

In today’s blog I have chosen photos and links to video clips of a positive and happy nature. It is in my view far more important now to show empathy, love and courage in our trying times.

Garden flowers looking great right now - bright dark purple and loads of them!

Hebe in dark purple also flowering right now are spectacular!


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Young small oak tree - a symbol of what I am talking about in this blog!

Let me finish this blog with a photo of my latest garden success – a small oak tree.From little acorns grow …

Let LOVE grow back where misery, upset, anger and hate currently seem to have seeded.

LOVE from Alvajoan of Cornwall, part of The Classexe Group.

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