Celebrate Easter in Cornwall with tour.

Easter is just round the corner.

Easter this year is early and coming at us like an express train! In Cornwall, we produce a range of products and chocolate is certainly one. I walked into Trenance Chocolate factory on a tour and found a fabulous huge corner display unit full of Easter eggs and chocolates. YUM!

Huge corner display full of Easter chocolates at Trenance chocolates on the Lizard in Cornwall England Great Britain certianly looks colourful and tasty if your are into chocolates. Dark, white and milk chololates - all look great to me. Tour Cornwall with Alvajoan on the Lizard Special Tour and visit local chocolate factory in Cornwall UK.

The colourful wraps around the chocolate eggs make it all look sooooo beautiful and nice. The smell in the factory makes me salivate with anticipation. When the factory are producing the wares there is only a window separating you from where it is all made. Enjoy the viewing. Lizard Special Tour with Alvajoan can take you here.

Cornish produce …

Other products typically made in Cornwall are clotted cream as used in cream teas. Here I have a picture of HALF a cream tea from Rosemergy’s, one of our favourites along the Pendeen coast of Cornwall.

Half a Cornish Cream Tea at Rosemergy's Pendeen Cornwall England Great Britain UK on tour with Alvajoan on West Cornwall Tour.

On tour with Alvajoan on West Cornwall Tour taking in this stunningly beautiful part of Cornwall. The road here was once voted one of the 10 most beautiful road to travel in Great Britain. Those that have been are likely to agree 🙂 With so much to see and visit from neolithic and ancient remains to more recent tin mines. One of only two remaining Mermaid seats in a local church dating back more than 500 years. Well, I could go on here forever …

A Newlyn produce.

Cornish Mead giftset with three flavours is produced in Newlyn Cornwall England Great Britain and gives an insight to the alcoholic drink enjoyed by the monks at St Michael's Mount once upon a time. Known as the 'honeymoon drink' it is popular with young and old alike. Alvajoan's West Cornwall tour can take you to the place where this happens and you can enjoy Cornish Mead in any Meadery restaurant in Cornwall.

This is a gift-set with 3 different flavours of the ‘honeymoon drink’ aka Cornish Mead. These are available in any well stocked local shop and can also be enjoyed at Cornish Meadery restaurants all over Cornwall. Cornish Mead is a honey-based drink so has a sweet tone. A bit of soda takes care of that!

Have a HAPPY EASTER all and see you soon.



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