Car transporter on the go.

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Car transporter refurbished.

Car transporter ready and rocking on it’s first job. Collection of a vintage 1961 Ford Zephyr in dire need of some Alvajoan TLC. Having seen nearly all of the north half of the London ‘car park’, ie the M25, we got to the pick up point. Trailer behaved very well all the way up empty. With tyres were pumped up and everything ready, we arrived and loaded this gem, Zephie.

Car transporter: Brand new refurbished car transporter, never been washed mended ot ironed. Hitched up for maiden trip north of Londons smoke to pick up a car. Happy travels.

Here is a photo taken in our yard before setting off. We bopped along at 60 all theĀ  way (except where restricted slower) and she travelled like a dream. So what’s with the trailer?, I hear you say. Well, we semi-retired and chucked in the passenger transport side. For garage services we felt a good car transporter would come in handy. It will earn it’s keep well.

Onwards in this tale, here is our Zephie being loaded north of London town:

1961 Ford Zephyr being loaded up onto brand new car transporter. When refurbished, I can brag with driving a car older than the missus, said he! True though ...

AT one stage I heard our Jim giggling to himself and so inquired: Wazzup? as one does. He had figured out that once renovated, this vintage would provide a novel tale for him to tell. ‘I will be driving a vehicle older than the missus’, he exclaimed proudly. True I had to agree. Looking in the boot of this ‘ole gal’, we found loads of parts. Moreover, inside across seats were two bumpers and many other items too. We will do OK here, me thinks.

In short, if YOU have a car needing a lift – get in touch and we may be able to be of assistance.


Whilst walking the dog, I came across these two-tone daffodils with a super scent in flower. So good! I always think these multitone and the older style daffs with multipetals are so beautiful. Support our local industry and put a pleasant look and smell in Your house. Buy some daffs!

Wonderful two-tone great scented daffodils now in full flower brightening up around Cornwall. Sooo nice!

However, most importantly, until next time – stay healthy happy and well!




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