Brexit in colours.

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Brexit in spring colours.

Brexit tomorrow is taking place in Cornwall with spring colours accompanying. January, the dark, bluest month of the calendar year is nearly at it’s end. Every walk I take there are more flowers showing off their splendid brightness and colours. These certainly cheer me up and invite me out even when it rains.

Brexit: in the month of January this purple wild violet put a great big smile on my face in the rain. The leaves are dripping with raindrops and it is beautiful.

Strolling across one field I noticed the bright pink camellias that are flowering by the bush. AbFab I thought! These look lush enough to be a colour lipstick for your lips!

Pink camellia flowers by the bushload in this pic. These have such a wonderful pink tone, I'd love to catch the colour into a lipstick for my lips!

By a local house and the roadside, these little purple crocuses made their announcement – Spring is here!

Purple crocuses opening up by roadside in local Breage area of Kernow. I adore there gorgeous flowers!

Whenever spring is round the corner and flowers are ‘lighting up’, I think of the glorious summer treats coming. On FB I copied a wonderful post showing exactly how I feel about ICECREAM! Enjoy!

So, more than 3 1/2 years as a result of a democratic referendum, we are leaving the EU tomorrow. Being as we are having a transition period up to end of this year, I doubt anything will change. Certainly watching every space though! Astonishing number of people have become unemployed during this January. Unpleasant, sad and unwanted. Springtime, on the other hand, will roll on and into summer never mind what…

I shall have to treat you to some fabulously flowering hellebores to cheer you up:

Brexit: Purple hellebore in full flower brightening up January 2020 no end. These large often speckled (freckled) flowers come in more colours and one simply cannot miss them.

This purple one was large and not too speckled / freckled and looked good enough to eat.

White and purple speckled / freckled hellebore flowers in the sunshine in January 2020. Loving it!

This white and purple flower looks like two colours mated!

Red Kelpi.

Our red kelpi, now 13 1/2 years of age, is having a few problems with a warty lump on a toe. Not too sure what it is or what has caused it but being treated. I dug out an older photo of the dear chap when he was enjoying a breather in some grassy meadows.

Boo, our red kelpi, in a meadow enjoying a breather in between chasing balls. His favourite chore!

So, if you have pets that are not too well, do share. You can comment on the blog or contact us via our website contact page.

See you next week.




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