Botallack in West Cornwall.

Botallack former tin mine.

Botallack, made world famous through Graham Winston’s books of Poldark, was the venue for today’s day trip. I heard and saw Choughs or Palores as they are known in Cornish. Very distinctive in their call and awesome red beaks and legs make them easy to recognise. Fluttering amongst thrifts

Lush green grass and pink thrifts in many tones to accompany the turquoise to blue multicoloured seas around Botallack in Wet Cornwall. Perfect Tours of Cornwall with Alvajoan.

and foxgloves

Tall specimen of bright pink foxgloves standing tall against the green hills and mounds of Botallack on the Cornish tin coast. Day trip with Alvajoan.

were bumblebees

A bumblebee enjoying the nectar in local bright yellow birds foot trefoil at Botallack in Cornish lush green nature. Sightseeing with Alvajoan.

and butterflies. it was a clear day and I could see to the Isles of Scilly across the Atlantic from Botallack’s coastline. Wandering around the rocky mounds there were flowering Sheep’s Bits too.

Sheep's bits flowering beautifully blue on the Cornish coast hills - also here at Botallack. Enjoy the scenic views of Cornwall - be chauffeured and escorted to Your perfect places with Alvajoan.

The horizon looked magical with the dark blue seas, pale blue skies with fluffy white clouds and a tinge of purple haze.

Horizon clear as a bell and the Isles of Scilly in the distance visible today. Darker blue seas melded with pale blue skies inflicted with the odd white fluffy cloud and a tinge of violet on the line. Lush green vegetation of the rocky sides of Cornwall facing the Atlantic. Tour with Alvajoan.

One of those days where it’s simply great to be alive and wonder at nature. Grass pollen are high in all this though.

Saving nature.

In several areas around the boating lake of Wherrytown there are wild flowers in full bloom. They have been planted to help our decreasing numbers of insects. Quite apart from looking splendidly colourful, they appear to be doing a great job! My mad dog loves catching anything that buzzes in his mouth and shake it dizzy. Does Your dog do that too? Nature would be less plentiful and varied without our insects.

On Cornish roads.

With very reasonable weather, we have had a large increase in visitors to Cornwall. Foreign number plates are here as well as rented vehicles by flying visitors. Schools in the UK are yet to finish for summer holidays. We love sharing our beautiful Cornwall with You All. Looking around at our sandy beaches, coast path, neolithic remains, scenic gardens and grand houses – what’s not to love.

Cornish narrow roads is not everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to driving. If You would rather sit back and take in the marvels of Kernow whilst being chauffeured – contact us! Email with details of what You want to see, do and experience and when You are here. If You are already here and want more urgent assistance – call +44 7772 777545. If you get our ansaphone we are no doubt out with clients. Please leave Your name, number and a short message and we will get back to You.

But for now – HAVE A SUPER TIME wherever You are.


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