Binoculars in Cornwall.

Binoculars to see clearly.

Binoculars aka fieldglasses are brilliant and enables one to clearly see in the far distance. A few weeks ago I put a pair of bino’s’ in my works bus.

Set of binoculars of some age. Very handy to watch animals at sea or in the far distance. I admired the Isle of Scillies with these from Cape Cornwall ... Alvajoan on sightseeing.

Since then I have taken great delight in watching birds and animals in the turquoise and blue sea, mainly seals. Even further away. The Isles of Scilly were so clear yesterday through these fieldglasses it felt as if I was right next to them. Everything becomes amazingly clear with fieldglasses if used correctly. It took me back 7 or so years when we saw basking sharks off the coast of Cape Cornwall using binoculars. They have become rare here since and I have yet to relive the encounter. In photo below there is a seal nearly center of the pic. Can you spot it?

This is a super pic of a little cove in Cornwall with purple heather in the foreground, rocky coast line in the background with a has been castle - Kenidjack - on top and the soothing blue-turquoisy waters below. In the middle of this photo is a seal. Can you make it out? I struggled and then used my binoculars and it all became clear. Have fun! Alvajoan

With binoculars it would not be a problem! I filed a short snippet of the sea if you are interested.


After a good storm, the tides often bring things to shores. In the last few days an amazing mount of seaweed has been brought into Cornish coves.

Dark brown smelly seaweed brought in by the tides after recent stormy weather in Cornwall now laying on beaches in coves. This makes magnificent 'manure' for gardens but is a little difficult to get from beaches to where it could be used. Nature in Cornwall with Alvajoan.

My garden would no doubt benefit from some of it. Just a matter of getting it home … it has quite an aroma. Not sure my bus clients would be too keen sharing space with it. In many places, even disused ones, there are signs warning of slippery areas. Worth taking note of if you are out and about along the coast.

When you see signs like this one - DANGER SLIPPERY SURFACE - they are generally true and you should take great care. Even in places that are no longer used regularly, these signs are in place in an effort to prevent accidents. Alvajoan prowling the coves.


Tidal water moving in and out twice every day creates magnificent waves. If and when such energy can be harnassed we will all cheer. An attempt was made off Hayle in Cornwall but as yet no energy has ever been produced. Shame!

Rusty metal.

Around the Cornish coast you will come across a lot of rusty metal. Rings like the ones below were used by fishermen to tie up boats. Also to heave boats out of and into water.

Rusty metal of all kinds are found around the coast of Cornwall. Hooks that are secured into large rocks to tie boats to or even help haul boats out of the sea with. Take your pick! Alvajoan exploring Cornish coast.

Disused launches / slipways are left to be taken apart by the sea with every tidal movement and storm. Still, if they are ever needed again they can be set into useable order in a short time.

Use binoculars sightseeing in Cornwall.

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Buddleias come in many colours and here is a strong purple which I found very attractive. Another great flower that has a darker tone leaes which sets off the flowers so nice. On day trips with Alvajoan.

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