Beast from the East and storm Emma in Kernow.

Ahh named The Beast from the East this wintry snow arrived unwelcomed on the very last day of February 2018 in Cornwall bringing loads of snow and some cold temperatures. Snowed in for days amply aided by storm Emma! This photo is by Dry Dock in Penzance Cornwall UK.

Beast from the East & storm Emma.

Guess what the Beast from the East accompanied by storm Emma brought us? Well, a whole load of snow and minus degrees on the Celsius thermometer. For Kernow aka Cornwall in the very south of the UK this is most unusual. It must be nearly 10 years since last we had some of the white stuff. Before that, probably nearer 20 years. Here are some photos taken from our latest experience with this stuff from which all children made snow men 🙂

Wind from storm Emma settled down in the evening when snowing stopped and it looked quite bright & nice in my back garden with a local lamp post shining down on the white drifts. Newlyn Cornwall UK. The Beast from the East had finished for the day.

In the evening, with a single lamp post lighting up the back garden, it looked nearly Christmas-like. Shame this was not here in December for the yuletide.

You can clearly see where Booma has been out for his business earlier this evening 🙂

Short video of drive home.

The Day after …

Following the arrival of the Beast from the East and storm Emma, we had icy snow to tread carefully on.

Booma kelpie dog keeping all four legs under control in the snow and ice from recent Beat from the East geneous dousing. He still not sure what it is and keep giving me dirty looks about it! Quite amusing. I keep cleaning his paws just in case any gritting has landed on our back road as this can be dangerous for dogs.Our cars were all covered in some delightfully intricate frozen patterns from Jack Frost.

Marvellous feather effect displays all over windscreen as it was frozen in the morning. Jack frost certainly makes some marvellous pictures. Breage near Helston in Cornwall UK today.

Like feathers all over the screens. Although looked nice, certainly took some defrosting to enable safe driving …

Wonderfully though, the super resilient spring crocuses were still doing their bit once the snow and ice disappeared.

Looking stright into an open flowering purple crocus with the inners showing off magical saffron supplies. We certainly use some in our Cornish saffron buns so all very welcome. Colours are a delight to the eyes after a grey misty and foggy winter in the main.

Crocuses of course produce saffron, a VERY expensive spice used in our Cornish saffron cakes and buns for example. Saffron is dearer than gold by the weight!


Here’s a field I found in a local park prior to recent cold-spell.

Springflowers in Cornwall in Helston park strong purple hyacinths backed by tall twotone yellow daffodils looking splendid in sunshine on tour of Cornwall with Alvajoan of course.

So for now, chin up and enjoy today’s sunshine and the warmth it brings. We wish you a Gool Peran Lowen / Happy St Piran’s Day and trust you too enjoyed Cornish pasties yesterday on our nations Day.

Wishing you all a warm and safe week wherever you are globally.

Last but not least in this blogpost.

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