Beaches and weather West Cornwall.

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West Cornwall weather and Beaches.

I have seen such beautiful local Beaches with waters ranging from deep dark blue to light turquoise. There are also beaches with pebbles and rocks and very little sand. Sometimes, stormy weather removes the sand from beaches and then returns it slowly over a period of time. To be sure, I have no idea exactly why but it is fascinating to watch. Late of an afternoon one day, walking down a local sandy beach I saw this wonderful picture. A dining table with two chairs was set up on the beach, just waiting for people to arrive. The sun through the clouds threw light across the bay waters. Quite a picture:

In nearly black and white, this table and two chairs look inviting at the waters edge on the Beach of Mounts Bay Cornwall UK. All you need now is a hamper with food and drink and company for a good evening in the sunset. Enjoy sightseeing with Alvajoan in Cornwall.

This particular beach is sandy and seem to always have an amount of sand. People paddle on boards, fly kites, swim, ride horses, surf, walk dogs and live here. Sometimes there are dead fish or dolphins on the beach. Another day loads of seaweed has washed ashore. The beach is alive and ever changing, changed by the sea it neighbours.

Another local beach has very little sand but lots of pebbles stones and rocks. The artist in people visiting non-sandy beaches come out in all sorts of shapes. Here is one:

Not all Cornwall's Beaches are sandy but we have great fun creating stone art with pebbles and stones like in this picture. With the bay water lapping in the background it is therapeutic. Tour with Alvajoan in Kernow and visit the extraordinary.

Being creative seem to come naturally in Cornwall. Many artists that live and work here were not born here but have been charmed by Kernow to make it home. Many again come visiting to gain inspiration for their creativity to go home and fulfil their aspirations.

Weather in Cornwall GB.

Our weather is a discussion point most days. We are often asked which time of the year to visit for best weather. Truthfully, our weather comes so quickly and unannounced that it is impossible to answer and be correct. We have so far this year had two Bank Holiday weekends with wonderful sunshine and warmth. This is good and appreciated. Any sightseeing day trip or small group tour is always happier if the weather is dry sunny and warm. However, from over the hills into the bay we get dark clouds from the Atlantic, aka Celtic Sea, and there is no arguing with this. Look:

When it rains on the Beaches in Mounts Bay Cornwall UK it certainly pours. Here one can see the rain coming down from the low dark clouds above with some strength. Water keeps Cornwall green and lush. Take a day trip with Alvajoan for sightseeing in Kernow or tour with small groups to benefit from local experience and knowledge.

Amazingly one can see the rain being forced out of the clouds into the azure turquoise waters of Mounts Bay above. We do get some weather here in Cornwall UK. It is handy to jump into an Alvajoan vehicle and stay dry for the duration whilst listening to the drumming on the roof and windows.

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