Autumn feeling in Cornish weather and nature.

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Autumn aka Fall arrived in Cornwall too – where did indian summer go?

We watch the horrors wreaked by hurricane/tropical storm Irma in & near the US this autumn. It is with relief we note that ours was a substantially smaller storm in the UK. Winds were nowhere near the power of Irma’s and by comparison we have been very fortunate.

In the aftermath of this wet windy weather, I found this charm on walking the dog:

Blue purple violet drenched in water droplets after the rain in cornish autumn.
Even violets get wet and windswept in Cornwall in the fall / autumn.


Sharing it with you all to remember there is beauty after the rain.

How do one overcome this?

To cheer yourself up, now is a good time to start Christmas shopping as well as looking at holidays for the coming year.

We look forward to being of assistance with transport and travel for all your events.

Alvajoan of Cornwall.

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