September skies in Kernow.

September skies. September skies in Cornwall can be varied as I will depict in photos. One day, the sun is shining and it is warm with a slight breeze. A short snippet on FB shows off our treasured day out … Continued

Martin Jennings run 2020.

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Martin Jennings run 2020. Martin Jennings run 2020 is a Motorcycle Memorial Run in Cornwall on 13th September primarily raising funds for charities. So this year funds raised will go to Cornwall Air Ambulance who sorely needs it. Certainly give … Continued

Naturally Cornwall UK.

Naturally Cornwall UK. Naturally Cornwall UK, or Kernow as we know it, is having beautiful displays of late. On a summer’s day stroll along Penzance’s old Victorian promenade, I found these electric blue flowers. Stunning in colour with icicle patterns. … Continued