Around midsummer in Penwith.

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Penwith area at midsummer.

Take a sightseeing daytrip with Alvajoan in Penwith around midsummer. You can enjoy some spectacular scenery! In the last week we have visited neolithic ancient sites as well as sandy beaches.

Midsummer dance at Merry Maidens standing stones circle is Cornwall's own little Stonehenge. Celebrated locally at solstices and midsummer/midwinter. There are 19 stones still standing. Come see on day trip with Alvajoan.

Rambling along the coast path on cliff tops with views to die for. Taking in the multi-blue and turquoise waters of the Celtic Sea. Admired brave people surfing in our beautiful waters…

Lush greenery at Tregiffian burial chamber or what's left of it! Proper chunky large granite blocks from days gone by. West Cornwall Tour with Alvajoan passes this stretch so you can have a good look.

I was delighted to find the Golowan festival which is held in Penzance every year. Midsummer is celebrated with great gusto in the Nordic countries where I have spent many years. The weather has been brilliant apart from one day when it rained. So, I shout at the TV and weather reporter to: LOOK OUT OF YOUR WINDOW!

Blue sky with white and grey clouds above making pictures on the hills and rocks as they drift past. Below is the long sandy beach of Sennen Cove with blue and turquoise waters inviting sports and swimming. A true picture postcard. Alvajoan on tours.

We travel with Newlyn School of Art nearly daily and are subsequently treated to such beauty. Groups of students try to catch it all on boards and paper whilst absorbing the tutors instructions. Day trips for sightseeing and full day tours with itinerary of Your choosing are all available.

Light blue sky with little fluffy white clouds over a green moorland lush and green but now turning dark purple with the heather coming to life. Magnificent moorlands of Cornwall. Photo courtesy Alvajoan.

Cornish moorland is changing again with purple flowers of heather spreading far and wide. Accompanied by foxgloves and more as well as lush greenery, it certainly get’s quite sparkling!

As I walked our dog, who turned 13 today, this week I found some very hardy native bluebells! These were certainly looking a little worse for wear but were still flowering on 22nd June. After midsummer. Amazing!

These bedraggled native bluebells were still alive and flowering on the 22nd June 2019 after midsummer's eve. Long live the native bluebells! Alvajoan finds in Cornish hedgerows.

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Some cloud porn above with what looks nearly like writing. All over the blue waves of Perranuthnoe in Penwith Cornwall. Off the sandy beach people went off surfing, walking ,swimming and painting. Anothe fab Cornish beach to visit! Courtesy Alvajoan.

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