Ancient woods in Kernow.

Woods in Cornwall.

We are healthy dog owners that often take the dog for walks in woodlands and absolutely adore Godolphin woods. Godolphin Estate is the nearest woodlands to us and it contains a multitude of mosses, lichens and woodland growths. If trees could tell tales I am convinced we would listen for a long time in astonishment and awe. A very old tree at Godolphin woods covered in lichen more than 3cm (over an inch) in length. If only trees could talk, we'd hear some tales ... on tour with Alvajoan of Cornwall in Kernow private and bespoke just for You.

Naturally, Cornwall also have the most Neolithic remnants of any County in the UK which goes hand in hand with old lichen. Link to out Instagram photos where you can enjoy some. Godolphin woods are not large and can be comfortably walked within an hour without stress. Often I find little robins singing away in trees on my route through and they put a great smile on my face. So absorbed in their song they don’t appear to take any notice of me wandering past.

Nature in Kernow.

Mainly known for our superb beaches and sea, we also have some terrific woodlands. Back in time, Cornwall had lots of woods. We even exported wood and timber to Canada :). Seems kind of funny these days as we seem to import more timber than produce our own. This is possibly why our farming land is so rich and Kernow became the larder of the UK.

Lichen does not just grow on trees and stones. On the ground in Godolphin woods we find large lichen growths mingling with newer pine cones from nearby trees on our tour with Alvajoan in Kernow England UK.

These lichen I found on the ground and they were large. Mingling with more recently landed pine cones, it looked quite pretty and decorative. Wonderful woodland areas exists all over Cornwall. If you’d like to include some on Your Cornwall Tours, just let us know.

Recently we have had a lot of rain and in Godolphin woods a small lake had formed as a result.

All the rain we have had in February 2018 in Cornwall has formed a little lake in Godolphin woods soaking trees bushes and ground alike. Tour Cornwall with Alvajoan and see the non-tourist sightseeing as well as the renowned of Kernow England UK.

It looked quite surreal with a slightly hazy tone over the whole landscape on the day. Tree branches look like they are reaching out for something … Green ferns are appearing, reminding us that spring is in progress and summer will come again.

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