Alvajoan in Pensford Somerset on tour.

Pensford in Chew Valley.

With a few rare days off, we decided to do a rekki tour of Pensford in Chew Valley Somerset. This is a large village south of Bristol with mining heritage as well as the misfortune of a flood 50 years ago. Mining was for copper as well as coal and carried the usual dangers. The river Chew runs through the village and in one place, an island appears with a church proudly on it. Kind of resembles Notre Dame in Paris but on a much smaller scale. Let us show you around slightly with some photos.

Looking downstream at the Old Bridge in Pensford. Day trips with Alvajoan in GB.

The old bridge which took some damages during the flood in early July 1968.

Lockup in Pensford where you landed if you did not behave. Still in use in the 1800's and octagonal in shape. Alvajoan on tour.

The old lockup in Pensford was still in use in the 1800’s and the last person to spend time locked up was a 14 year old young man who had stolen some vegetables. Next to it is a seat and guess what – Acker Bilk the famous clarinettist who was born in Pensford is commemorated with this bench. Suffice to say we took a moment out and remembered ‘Stranger on the shore’ with a smile.

Resting for a while with Acker Bilk on memorial seat in the village that saw him born, Pensford. On tour with Alvajoan of Cornwall in GB.

Last but not least the magnificent view of the unusual setting for the church in Pensford, St Thomas a Becket.

Only church in England build on an island in the river Chew is St Thomas a Becket church in Pensford with river running down both sides of the island. Tower dates back to 1341 and vaulted former railway bridge in background gives the whole scene atmosphere of age. On tour with Alvajoan in GB.

A truly charming village with a tremendous amount of history and welcoming people. Strongly recommend a visit if you are nearby. You can find more videos on our FB page.

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