Alvajoan of Cornwall.

Alvajoan is part of The Classexe Group which was established in 2006. This unique & cherished name comes from our mothers – ALVA & JOAN. With workshop and office located in Breage, near Helston in the very south of Cornwall, we live local too – in Newlyn. We treasure Kernow and You, our clients and most valued assets.

Garage services.

From Pre-MOT inspections to mechanical repairs. Refurbishment and renovations of vehicles and trailers. Service and maintenance of cars and light commercials. Get a quote for FREE.

Thank you for Your repeat custom.


From building brand new to customer specifications to renovating elderly poorly trailer –

here is a small sample of trailers from the past: 4×3 foot aluminium with drop tail:

4x3 foot aluminium trailer by Alvajoan.

8×4 foot wooden with drop tail:

8x4 foot wooden trailer with hinged short side for easy loading. Max 750 kgs and unbraked. Alvajoan for trailer renovation and new builds.

small car transporter to spec for Mini

Short car transporter made to spec for clients mini. Alvajoan manufacture new builds.

tipper trailer built to spec for builder:

Tipper trailer spec built for builder. Alvajoan produce.

10×4 foot wooden with drop tail:

10x4 foot wood trailer with hinged rear short end for easy loading/unloading. Made by Alvajoan.

15×4 foot flatbed to spec:

15x4 foot flatbed trailer made by Alvajoan.

6×4 foot corrugated metal trailer with wood headboard and dropsides allround:

6x4 foot corrugated metal dropsides trailer with wooden headboard by Alvajoan.

Catering Trailer built to client spec:

Shelved catering trailer with gas canister space per client specs. Alvajoan to the new build trailer rescue.

Jetski trailer built to spec for client:

Jetski trailer spc built for client. Alvajoan for your trailers.

6×4 foot wooden trailer with hinged rear:

6x4 foot wooden trailer with drop down rear for easy loading and unloading. Alvajoan made it.

Let us know what You want / need.