Agapanthus – large in Cornwall.

Flowering bulbous blue-purple and white agapanthus in sunhine rays of late autumn in Cornwall UK a colourful splendid sight

Agapanthus in white blue and purple take a price.

Agapanthus wonderfully large seemingly unproportional flowers are a sight for sore eyes in the warming rays of sunshine. For me, they put a big smile on my face. I look forward to my garden being adorned with beautiful colours of their blooms. At the National Dahlia Centre grown locally, there are fields of Agapanthus grown alongside.

Climate change in Cornwall.

Recently we were re-classified and are now a sub-tropical climate. I have seen oranges and bananas grown here. As a youngster I remember visiting a lemon grove in Italy and the scent was fantastic. Maybe I should try some lemon trees in the back garden too.

Many plants have been brought to Cornwall over centuries from all over the world. We have the most wonderful selections in our Cornish gardens.

Sightseeing and Tours in private.

Allow Alvajoan of Cornwall to show You our beautiful land in the South West of the UK.

Tours of Cornwall are available all year round and we shall be pleased to welcome You.

Looking forward to hearing from, meeting and being of service to You. 🙂



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