Sunshine after the rain.

Sunshine after rain in Cornwall.

Sunshine after the rain generally follows hand in hand in Cornwall too. Although we get a fair dose of water, the compensation in sunshine makes up for it plentifold. Often during grey dreary looking days, I find photos from warm sunny summer days and cheer up. Through the chilly winds, wet and snow the warmth of a Cornish summer day shines through strongly.

The sun shone so strong this day that it looks like a filtered photo or just after rain. This is truly what Mounts Bay with St Michaels Mount looked like this summers day. Beach was busy as was water sports like surfing etc. Glorious summer days. Tours of Cornwall with Alvajoan.

On this gorgeous steaming hot summer day, the waters were turquoise and avidly used by surfers. A sandy long beach soon filled up with sunbathers and my artists loved the whole scene. But let’s not stop here. Cornwall GB has many beautiful coves, like Penberth …

Views from Penberth Cove are stunning with the azur colour seas, blue skies with the odd fluffy white cloud and tempt our budding artists regularly. Poldark was filmed here summer 2018. Sightseeing with Alvajoan of Cornwall.

and along the road down to the cove, there is a superb thatched cottage …

Thatched cottage at Penberth Cove in Cornwall fits right in and looks fab with flowering wisteria and other climbers. Sightseeing with Alvajoan of Cornwall.

Further along the coast the gem called Porthgwarra is situated …

Small fishing boats like at Porthgwarra are still used and with a small sandy beach, multi blue and turquoise waters it is not hard to understand what attracts so many visitors to the coves of Cornwall GB. Tours with Alvajoan of Cornwall.

In this cove, Ross Poldark went skinny dipping! What a sight that would be! Bet the cafe could sell a few postcards of such an event! Take a tour sightseeing around Cornwall with us and get the local legends and insights en route. Pick You favourite venues for a day trip and be chauffeured / guided around our narrow lanes. An email with details can secure a booking.

Housewarming gifts.

A recent move into a new house required a housewarming gift. I didn’t know there were quite so many various gifts to give. Researching it, one could go mad with bread, olive oil, salt, honey, wine, a plant, broom, candle and more. A coin for good fortune and wooden item for stability, harmony and peace followed too. Amazing the number of items and their meanings. I wound up getting a number of gifts to suit varied tastes and appreciations as a result of internal debate. Enjoy the link to read more of the values and meanings of such gifts at your leisure.

See you soon.

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