2020 autumn in Cornwall.

2020 autumn skies and flowers.

2020 autumn in Kernow is a great time to admire our glorious flora and heavens. Skies in autumn often tell tales of both weather that has been and weather to be. This one taken last week in the evening certainly looks good enough to paint!

2020 autumn skies are coming in of evenings now. Looks good enough to paint!

Another evening when the skies looked quite different, I took put a short film of it on FB for You. Often for an evening walk, we have ‘mackerel skies’ above with their superb looks. If you have any great photos you’d like us to share – please get in touch.

Admiring the handywork and hard graft results in Cornish local gardens give me great pleasure. For a number of reasons, I have not been active in my garden as much as I’d have liked to. Therefore it gives me a treat to look into neightbours rewards …

2020 autumn - this bright red gladiolus stands tall and stands out in every garden it grows! Such beauty!

Bright red large flowers, tall and proud, this one stands in a local garden looking so pretty. Next to it, some more cornflower lookalikes in most beautiful purple colours.

Cornish gardens sports the sibling in another tone of purple. The looks of this beauty is similar to Cornflowers.

2020 autumn - this delicate cornflower lookalike purple flower proudly stands tall in autumn gardens around Newlyn.

Such a delight to see and enjoy. Days are getting shorter. Winds are getting sharper. Showers and rain are more frequent. It is drawing to the closing months of 2020 and I shall be glad to wave byebye. Once the children are all back to school in September I expect the weather will improve! Wouldn’t be the first year it did! 🙂

Martin Jennings Memorial Run.

This is taking place this coming Sunday and there is still a few pennies to raise! Don’t be shy!

Monies raised this year goes to Cornwall Air Ambulance – well worth every penny! At time of writing the Just Giving page have raised £2060 of the expected £6000. Help if you can. One day it may be You needing that helicopter rescue ride!

Until next time, stay happy – healthy and safe!

Alvajoan of Cornwall, part of The Classexe Group

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