to our family business, Alvajoan, providing Cornwall Tours and more.

Alvajoan, providing Cornwall Tours, is part of The Classexe Group which was established in 2006. Our unique cherished name is as a result of our mothers, Alva & Joan. We are a family business most importantly based in the very south west of Great Britain, Cornwall. Our services are available to everyone; corporate, council, public, visitors and the width of global tourism alike. Visit Great Britain and Cornwall. Day Trips for Sightseeing. Guided Escorted Private Bespoke Tours. Passenger Transport Services. These are all provided by qualified experienced knowledgeable service-minded passionate people, committed to delighting You.

Welcome to Alvajoan.com of Cornwall, or Kernow as we know it.

Phone calls are answered urgently. We are often out so please leave a message if you get our ansaphone. We  aim to reply to your emails within 24 hours and messages from phone calls asap. Because we license our comfortable safe vehicles to travel locally, nationwide and internationally, we can assist all-round. ‘No job too big or small to not receive our undivided attention!’

Services by Alvajoan.

Your wishes guides our designs of Private Bespoke Cornwall Tours just for You. If a day trip of Cornwall is Your wish – please call and we shall be pleased to assist with designing it for you. Sightseeing on day trips in Kernow is a delight! Airport Transfers and Private & Contract Hire for small groups of 1 to 16 people – these all form part of the work we perform. Do you want a stroll on a sandy Cornish beach eating ice cream? Want to visit a magnificent ancient grand house? See a splendid colourful impeccably kept Cornish garden? Visit a Cornish fogou, places that ONLY exist in Cornwall? Take a peak at neolithic remains with which Cornwall is littered? Were your ancestors from Cornwall? They may have left memories and memorabilia here for you to find. Just let us know your desires and we’ll create cultural heritage tours to suit You.

We are proud to members of the Confederation of Passenger Transport UK Confederation of Passenger Transport UK logo for Alvajoan day trips sightseeing tours and travel.

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Our Instagram and Facebook pages regularly have local photos, all by Alvajoan of Cornwall, and therefore may give You ideas for Your visit. The blog from our website also appear on our social media, Facebook – Twitter – AND Google+ FOR THE TIME BEING so keep eyes peeled. We also have our own You tube channel for short local films. Our Tripadvisor and Trustpilot pages have reviews for our services. Do feel free to share our information and blog posts with friends and family!

We look forward to hearing from, meeting, greeting and being of service to You.

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