Welcome to travel with Alvajoan …

… our family run Cornwall based business with ONE goal – TO SERVE YOU.

European vacations to include Great Britain and Cornwall? If so, it is essential to plan and book in advance.

Do You want to stroll barefoot on a sandy beach enjoying a local clotted cream ice-cream?

Visit a magnificent grand house?

Enjoy a traditional Cornish handmade PASTY?

See a splendid colourful impeccably kept garden or two?

Enter the inside of a Cornish fogou? (these only exist in Cornwall!)

Take a look at neolithic remains of which Cornwall has an abundance?

If GEOLOGY is Your thing – try our Lizard Peninsula!

Were Your ancestors from Kernow? They may have left treasures for You to discover …


With Your help, we can creatively design cultural heritage tours and sightseeing day trips JUST FOR YOU.

Using our local knowledge and Your wishes, spectacular Perfect Private Bespoke Cornwall Tours & Sightseeing Day-Trips become realities.

If You seek inspiration, click on photos below for details of popular venues. Alternatively, our ‘Tours & Travel’ page can provide more details.

Travel in our licensed comfortable vehicles, expertly driven on Cornish narrow roads. Sit back, take in the scenic views enjoying Your sightseeing day-trips and tours every day.

Social media by Alvajoan and reviews by You.

Instagram and Facebook pages regularly have our local photos.

You can subscribe to our BLOG to get it fresh from ‘the press’ but it also comes out on our Twitter and Facebook!

We have our own You tube channel for short films. There are also a lot of films on Facebook and Instagram.

On our Tripadvisor page you leave reviews of our services. Thank You. Your reviews mean THE WORLD TO US.

Please feel free to share our social media, photos and information as well as blog posts with friends and family! All photos are our own or free to use. Ours have no filters, just sheer clean Cornish imagery.

We look forward to hearing from, meeting, greeting and being of service to You.

ALVAJOAN of CORNWALL part of The Classexe Group

Your can also reach us on https://www.daytripsincornwall.co.uk AND on https://www.toursincornwall.co.uk

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