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Crazy Campers.

Take a minute and study the photos at the top of this page. Now you see the scale of refurbishments we have undertaken over the past 30 years. Affectionately named ‘Piggy‘ owing to the stunning exterior colour, the old Bedford bus became our holiday camper bus. After MOT one morning, she went off to Sweden for a maiden journey. All went very well and we came back after 10 days.

An now for another gem of ours, Nippy:

This is Nippy - affectionately named so after her reg - a most brick-like build ever made. She charms everyone she meets and puts smiles on faces. Alvajoan crazy campers.

and another shot from the other side:

Plenty of windows in Nippy lets light in well. Quite a picture isn't she!!! Alvajoan crazy campers.

Yes, she really is built like that:

Wow, ain't she got a rear! Nippy showing off her less than curvy body here. Alvajoan crazy campers.

and inside she is fab too:

Inside Nippy she has compfy lounge seating that makes up a bed too, The overhead sleeping compartment we use for storage. Alvajoan crazy campers.

with facilities like cooker, tap, sink, cupboards, space for fridge, bed-making kit and more.

Cooker and sink with tap all fitted. Room for fridge and gas plummed in - what's not to like. Alvajoan crazy campers.

She has been heavily restored by us and is still a project in the making. I have yet to meet another one on the road!

Our latest addition has been named Woody owing to it’s reg. A superb Morris A60 from 1971 with Sun Tor pop up top – a true gem!

Project Sun Tor camper from 1971, a currently multitone in blues and whites Morris A55/A60 with original interior trimmings and an exterior to die for. Looking forward to renovating this little lady! Alvajoan with crazy campers.

and from the rear:

Woody - affectionately named so duw to reg - has a very straight and good looking rear with double doors that open and close fabulously! Alvajoan crazy campers.

with the top popped up:

A wash would not go amiss with this little girl but one step at a time eh. Alvajoan crazy campers.

and inside – which I believe has not been visited for 30 years:

Interior trimmings are original and curtains are coming down for a good wash! Alvajoan crazy campers.

and again:

Oh yes, cupboards, cooker, room for fridge and clothes. Superb little wagon this! Alvajoan crazy campers.

Curtains have come down and survived a wash 🙂 Upon opening the bonnet, which was quite a fete, we found the original engine. Super! Without a doubt, you can tell this one has arrived for a bit of Alvajoan TLC.


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ALVAJOAN of CORNWALL part of The Classexe Group

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both of which relates to our previous services with passenger transport,

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